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Operating Rules Fablab Tuscany

Regulation approved on 31.10.2015


Become a member of the Fab Lab Tuscany implies the willingness to become autonomous use of machinery and equipment for the construction and development of your own projects and association.

Access to labs

Access to local Fab Lab Tuscany and the use of machinery in all its premises is reserved for members in good standing with the registration and payment of the membership fee, that fee also guarantees insurance coverage, and the free days are devoted to introductory courses and in OpenDay.


The membership (joining the association as a Member) may be made at the premises of the Fab Lab Tuscany (according to the list published on the website or from the site itself by filling out the registration form and the payment of the share :

  • Individuals: € 100 per calendar year
  • Student up to 26 years: 50 € per calendar year
  • Children under 12 years: 20 € per calendar year pay individual events

Methods of payment:

Cash at your local registration or by Paypal at

The membership fee is in no way a payment to the association, but it is a contribution, used in part to pay for individual health insurance, participation in joint projects and operating expenses of the association.

Use of the equipment in the laboratories

The member to be able to use the machines and equipment of the laboratory, will be attended by a host, an associate expert trained at the Fab Academy or equivalent knowledge. Qualifications and contact details of each host will be indicated in the Wiki of the association, at

Members should also receive training on security and a certification course for each process (eg. 3d printing, laser cutting, milling printed circuit boards, CNC milling, etc) in order to independently use the machine, always with the support of 'Host present in the laboratory. In the event that the member has not yet followed the path of enablement may be contacted to the host to use the machines, always according to the availability of the same.

The partners will use the machines with care, attention and respect for safety regulations and the rest of the community. The member will have to answer economically for damage caused by distraction, inexperience, failure to comply with the regulations governing use.

The member agrees to leave the lab and workbench as he found it: clean, tidy and ready to be used, always putting in place the tools and materials used, cleaning equipment and machines after use , leaving no residues of materials in the machine and in the neighboring areas.


Members can use the machines for free for one hour each week.

In the case the use needs to be more 'frequent' we provided a hourly cost for each type of machines, please check machine specific page at Tool Documentation

The costs do not constitute a fee for using the machine as a contribution to the maintenance and expansion of the fleet.

Active participation in the association

By participating and helping to organize the activities of the association, such as taking courses and workshops, participating in events, providing support to new members, or by contributing to the daily operation of the Fab Lab Tuscany, the Members can avoid paying the use of cars for a time equivalent to that of the activities.

Reservation of the machines

The machines must be booked in advance through the website of the Fab Lab Tuscany or by email at with the subject "BOOKING REQUEST".

To make a booking you must indicate:

  • Office
  • Machine use
  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address and telephone
  • Card Number
  • Enabling you to use the machine
  • Day and time of interest

The member will consider the booking confirmed only after receiving a confirmation email.


The materials used in the laboratory shall be borne by the shareholders.

The association provides a purchase of materials, which can be booked and collected directly in the laboratory desired.

The Host This may suggest the necessary materials and assist in the process of order.


Any failure and / or malfunction of the equipment and / or machinery will be promptly notified by e-mail, indicating "MALFUNCTION" in the subject.

Failure to report will result in action, including expulsion from the association.

Opening hours

The locations of Tuscany Fab Lab are open to members and the public at specific times that can be verified on the calendar published in the wiki, at During opening hours will always be a host that will help the shareholders for every need and ensure compliance with the regulation. For this reason, the calendar is linked to the availability of the host, that will indicate changing it directly.


Fab Lab Tuscany organizes information days, called "Open Day", introductory seminars and participates in events in the country and internationally.

Member participation in these activities is critical to the achievement of social goals, to recruit new members and to the existence of the association.

During these activities the workshops will not be available for different uses.

The outreach activities have free nature, it will not incur any costs for participants, less than a spontaneous donation.

Donations and Fundraising

The association can receive donations in cash and using the PayPal account:

To encourage donations will be organized fundraising events

Training activities and contributions

Members are invited to organize and promote training activities of the association such as Workshop, Training and entertainment activities.

For these activities, the association can request a contribution to the participating members of up to 30 Euro / hour, costs of materials excluded.

The economic contributions received will be used to cover the costs of organizing the event, and to support the activities of the association.