Members page


This is the main page for sharing information about you, some basic rules, the space and how you can contribute and help other people.

We have an updated list of members here:

Please remember to subscribe our internal mailing list to keep in touch with other members. Ask for invite:

Let's start with brief info: included in your membership is access to all Fab Lab Toscana nodes but every node has opening times, supervisor hosts that takes node up, different machines and processes available, and probably different internal rules. So please check specific node page for more info:

General Rules

General rules are the basic standards for every labs in the FabLab Toscana network, but please double-check also the specific node rules.

  • Always return all tools to their correct place immediately after you are done with them. Clean them if necessary.
  • Clean any desk you used, so the next person can enjoy a clean workspace when they come in.
  • It's not good to leave any empty packaging, component material leftovers, empty bottles, pizza boxes or any other trash lying around. We want this space to be a pleasant environment to work in for everybody.

Access to the labs

  • Access to the labs are usually possibile only if a supervisor host is present
  • Check opening times and host availability in the lab you want to access

Using the machines

  • Every machine you use should kept clean
  • Report every problem or malfunction to your host
  • You can use the machines alone (if you get the training) or with the support or the Fab Lab host
  • You must follow the Machine Training Course for each specific machine to be able to use it alone
  • Every machine (should) have a page in this wiki with a brief tutorial and some how-to

Finding materials for your projects

  • Probably someone in the lab could provide or know how to provide the best solution for your project. So please ask first
  • Put your project into a project box (ask for it) with your name and the project name on it

Contribute to Projects

We are organizing Working Groups on specific thematic areas. You can join one that interests you