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The Cascina lab is active from March 2015 and it was founded by Fiore Basile from the beginning with the idea to build a Node of the global Fab Lab Network.

In the beginning of 2016 we moved to a new bigger space (about 300sqm) very near to old space, and at 10 minutes from the Navacchio train station.

The FabLab is a combination of two adjacent spaces, one called clean lab and the other dirty lab, the reason is that the dirty lab is dedicated to heavy-and-dirty workshops and the clean lab is for electronics and other activities.

You can find also a lounge area to relax and enjoy the superior friendship of FabLab Toscana members

The FabLab offers the full Fab Lab inventory, the machines, and hosts both the Fab Academy, and How to Grow Almost Anything courses.


The aim of the FabLab is to provide everyone access to the knowledge, techniques and research necessary to invent new objects, using a common set of tools that enable people to share projects and move freely between the laboratories.

More than the equipment, the FabLab are based on an shared inventory that lets you find and share all the materials needed for projects. Similarly, the machines are controlled by free software tailored to the needs of digital fabrication.

What you will find

The Fab Lab uses a series of numerical control machines for converting a digital design into a physical object.

The instruments currently available are:

  • 100W CO2 Laser-cutter, which allows you to create three-dimensional objects by assembling two-dimensional parts.
  • Tormach PCNC1100 Heavy-duty 3axis CNC milling machine
  • Large CNC milling machine, to achieve furniture and large objects cutting light materials
  • SLA 3D Printer, an High-resolution 3D Printer
  • TIG welding machine
  • PLASMA cutter
  • Cutting Plotter, which allows the cutting of vinyl, masks, flexible circuits, and antennas.
  • a lot of 3D FDM Printers. Yes, a lot. (Zoxtrax M200, Delta WASP, Prusa i3, Falla, ..)
  • small CNC milling precision machine (resolution microns) that allows the realization of printed circuit boards and molds for casting.
  • Electronic lab equipment and all the tools needed for programming micro-controllers.
  • Woodworking lab equipment

and on the top, the people. Many of our members are quite knowledgeable in many areas and like offering help to others.

Whether it be electronics, metalwork, 3D printing, woodwork, laser cutting software, rocketry, machining, we most likely have a member who has experience in a particular field.

Many projects cover more than one discipline, so having someone who you can ask “How do I go about doing this?” is amazingly useful, and avoids you making many mistakes first time round.

Machine rules

Machines and tools in the FabLab can be expensive and dangerous. Breaking the rules can result in an expulsion from the association.

Please read carefully the FabLab safety before entering the FabLab.

Fab Academy

Fab Academy and HTGAA Students can use all the machines and materials in the lab without any additional cost.

Association members

Please remember to use a machine or a tool only if you have done the related workshop and your supervisor is with you.

Members can use the machines according to the Member's Rates

If in doubt please ask for instructions if you are not sure about how to use some machine or tool. There is no UNDO button if you make a mistake and serious injury can happen.


Visitor can't use tools and machines, can't access the dirty lab and must be together a supervisor that is the responsible.

Access to the lab

Access to the FabLab is possibile for the members of FabLab Toscana association with the presence of a supervisor or in open days, events, workshops or during workgroups. Please check the Events page to make sure you don't disturb the activities with your projects.

There is no autonomous access to the labs (yet) and a supervisor is a very strict requirement to access the dirty lab

Check out the Events page for the next open days dates

FabAcademy and HTGAA Students

FabAcademy students have access to the Fab Lab 24/7.

Instructor will be available Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun 9.30-20.00

Where to sleep

The Fab Lab is located in Navacchio, which is more a commercial / residential area, and there isn’t much night life around.

If you are ok with that there are several convenient places where to sleep.

Foresterie c/o Polo Tecnologico

  • Located inside the same technological park hosting the FabLab, 4 Mini apartments with Wifi, Kitchen, Air Conditioning, etc. At very good rates. Contact Fiore for availability / booking.

Bed and breakfast

Several bed and breakfast are located at walking distance from the FabLab:,10.4912717,14z

Hotels in Pisa

If you want to visit the city during the night and have access to bars and restaurants, you can pick one of the many hotels in Pisa.

I recommend one which is located behind the main street and few hundred meters away from the main train station.

From there you can get a regional train to the Fab Lab, make sure it stops in Navacchio station.

Hotel Bologna - Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 57 - 56125 Pisa - Italy Tel. (+39) 050 502120 - Fax (+39) 050 43070 E-mail Web

Where to eat

Just near the FabLab you have:

  • POLDA bar / restaurant open Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00
  • Bar Gigi

On the square outside the train station there are two bars, and a pizzeria.

Internet connection

Members and students can use the Fab Lab internet connection for your work at the lab. Please ask for credentials.

For private use there’s a daily/weekly/monthly subscription available on the Hotspot_Elsynet AP.

Getting there

Find us on Google Maps

Lab Address:

  • Via Mario Giuntini 192 Cascina (Pisa)
  • Side B, floor

By train: Train station Navacchio on the line between Pisa and Firenze. Not all trains stop here so watch out. FabLab is near the train station.

By car: Superstrada Firenze-Pisa-Livorno, “Navacchio - Visignano” exit