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You can start participating in our group by signing up to the [Mailing List] and turning up our Events.

If you’d like to attend on a regular basis and join our group as a member, we have Membership and Facility Fees that help cover our day-to-day operation costs.

We look for new members who want to help grow our community and develop amazing projects together!

You are very welcome to join us.


  • Access to all the FabLab Toscana labs, according to their opening times
  • Participate in Workshops
  • Usage for any machine (see specific FabLab rules )
  • We assist people with their own projects and we conduct group projects that are collaborative

Many of our members are quite knowledgeable in many areas and like offering help to others.

Whether it be electronics, metalwork, 3D printing, woodwork, laser cutting software, rocketry, machining, we most likely have a member who has experience in a particular field.

Many projects cover more than one discipline, so having someone who you can ask “How do I go about doing this?” is amazingly useful, and avoids you making many mistakes first time round.

How to become a Fab Lab Toscana member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of this community.

Please read the first the FabLab rules and our Charter / Statuto

Come to visit us or contact us for any question at

You can ask to become a member following this simple process:

1) Paying annual membership fee

  • 20 Euro - Standard membership, includes insurance and one month access to the lab

Scegli la sede:

Please note that these fees are annual and include an insurance. After the firsth month, you need to pay a monthly fee to access the lab.

  • 20 Euro - One month
  • 50 Euro - Three months
  • 100 Euro - One year

Payment methods accepted: Paypal and bank transfer (please specify your email address in the payment notes)


To cancel your membership:

2) Completing the membership application form

Once you completed your payment, you have to fill this online form with your personal data:.

--> Final step: compile this form in order to finalize your registration

PLEASE use the same email address you wrote in the payment notes

Setting up a new Fab Lab Toscana Node

If you or your organization is already a member of Fab Lab Toscana, you can host a Fab Lab Toscana Node in your city.

Please write to to apply for this.