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Here at FabLab Toscana, we're big on communication - between members, with other FabLabs - and with the wider community in Italy and beyond.

  1. Mailing List- We maintain mailing lists for announcements, for our members to communicate, and an open mailing list that anyone can join.
  2. Slack - There is an IRC-style chat server channel dedicated to us.
  3. Wiki - We maintain an active (and growing) Wiki for all group and member activities.
  4. Events - We have regular live events, there is something going on at the space on most days of the week.
  5. Membership List - Many members have additional information on their Wiki user page.
  6. Facebook page - We send out tweets to let you know what's current

Additionally, you can email our officials and some of our individual members who have chosen to post their details here: