Tool Documentation


Finding Information About FabLab Tools

Tools in the labs can be either owned by the FabLab or hosted by individual members. You will find postage stamp-sized labels with QR codes on all large tools and machinery in the space. Scanning the code will bring you to a page about the tool in this wiki. (Labels are for items owned by the FabLab. Labels with name designate tools hosted at the space by members.)

Alternatively, you can read directly through the list of tools on this page and select the links for specific tool information.

Instruction for Tools: Workshop & courses for tools are listed on the Workshop list and scheduled on Events If you don't see an upcoming workshop on the tool you are interested in, contact your supervisor or send an email to the You can also look up the tool on the wiki list. Some tools hosted at the space may be used after special instruction by the owner.

If you have tools you would like to see hosted at the FabLab, contact the your supervisor. In addition, there is an active Tools Committee involved in the acquisition of tools for the FabLab.

Personal tools

We encourage to use your own personal set of small tools, like screwdrivers, hex keys, caliper, pliers, etc. For the ease of use you can find a list of recommended Personal tools

Maintenance of Tools in the FabLab

Tools owned by the FabLab must be maintained exclusively by those individuals selected by the organization. Tools hosted by members may be maintained by persons selected by the owners of the tools.

If you think that a tool is broken, or not operating in an optimal fashion, don't use it and send an email to the

If you are interested in who may maintain a tool either go to the wiki page for the tool or ask to

Do not attempt to repair or service any machine in the FabLab without prior approval.

What tools are available?

The instruments currently available are:

Power Tools

Partial List:

  • Standard electric drills


Partial List:

  • SMD Hot Air Rework Station
  • Power Supplies
  • temperature controlled soldering stations
  • numerous hand-held bench meters


  • Workbenches
  • Rolling door and auto bay
  • Electronics room with numbers of testing tools, soldering irons, donated components
  • Conference room, and a large workshop floor
  • Various electrical configurations with individual breakers
  • Lockable storage spaces
  • Comfy seating and wifi!

Project Tools Not Yet Finished Or Functional

Some Ongoing Projects Needing Work, some of which may wind up hosted by the FabLab.
All of these have team leads, so they may not be worked on without asking permission.

  • Shapercube