Opensource CNC T-800x600


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Opensource CNC T-800x600

Release status: Prototype

Description CNC router
License GPL
Author s.balestrino
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Categories cnc
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CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. A CNC machine is a computer controlled router that can cut shapes out of whatever material is placed in it

T-800x600 CNC is a 3 axis router with a clamping area of about 800x600mm and uses ballscrews, linear guides and stepper motors.


The CNC T800x600 is a low cost CNC router kit designed to be high performance and high quality as well as simple to use.

Every parts has been designed to be easily manufactured with a small milling machine and other parts are commercially available off-the-shelf.

Material that can be handled by the CNC:

  • Aluminum, Brass, Copper
  • Plastics (ABS, Plexiglas, PC, Delrin, etc.)
  • Carbon plate
  • Wood (MDF, plywood, etc.)
  • Fiberglass
  • Foam


Ballscrews used for X Y and Z axis is 1605 type (5mm pitch, 16mm diameter)

  • X ballscrew 1605 length: 840mm
  • Y ballscrew 1605 length: 750mm
  • Z ballscrew 1605 length: 260mm

X axis

X axis (gantry) can be configured with various pulley ratios, inter-axis must be 70mm +-7.5mm

Ratio that can be used with an AT5 45T-255mm belt:

  • 0.44 (14T and 32T pulleys)
  • 0.5 (15T and 30T pulleys)
  • 0.62 (16T and 26T pulleys)
  • 0.69 (18T and 26T pulleys)
  • 0.77 (20T and 26T pulleys)
  • 0.85 (22T and 26T pulleys)
  • 1 (24T and 24T pulleys)

Y axis

Y axis (the base) can be configured with various pulley ratios, inter-axis must be 70mm +-7.5mm

same pulleys and ratios as X axis

Z axis

Z inter-axis is 87mm and ratio is 0.5, pulleys 15T and 30T

AT5 belt length 300mm


We prefer and suggest to use LinuxCNC because is rock solid performance and reliability control system. Originally written by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a general purpose 9-axis machine controller that ran on Unix, LinuxCNC was released to the open-source community who ported it over to a modern Linux operating system. Not only simple to learn and simple to use, LinuxCNC is by far the most stable CNC control software available.

First choice is using Linuxcnc with a cheap parallel breakout board.

Best hardcore choice is using a Mesa Electronic board like a Mesa 5i25

Alternatives are:


  • n.3 Stepper motors NEMA23 3A
  • n.3 Stepper motor driver DM524 / DQ524
  • Electronic box Gewiss GW46032 (metal case) 310x425x160mm
    • GW46402 backside metal panel
    • 35mm DIN Rails
    • Terminal blocks
      • Entrelec 010500220 (RS 426-014)|(RS 424-759)
      • Entrelec terminal block bridges BJMI6-10 - 1SNA176667R0400 (RS 447-428)
  • Power Supply is a MeanWell 48V 10A -
  • MULTICOMP MCTA060/12 Toroidal Transformer, 60 VA, 2 x 12V, 2.5 A, Panel
  • green switch NO
  • Z stepper motor cable: LIYCY 3m length, 4x0.5mm2
  • Y stepper motor cable: LIYCY 2.3m length, 4x0.5mm2
  • X stepper motor cable: LIYCY 1.5m length, 4x0.5mm2
  • Z endstop cable: LIYY 3.2m length, 2x0.1mm2
  • Y endstop cable: LIYY 3.2m length, 2x0.1mm2
  • X endstop cable: LIYY 2m length, 2x0.1mm2

Stepper motor wiring scheme:

REDpin 1 Yellow1A
BLUpin 2White1B
GREENpin 3Green2A
BLACKpin 4Brown2B