FabLab safety

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Why safety?

Equipment in the FabLab can be very dangerous.

Before you can use equipment and machines or attempt practical work in a workshop you must understand really the basic safety rules.

These rules will help keep you and others safe in the FabLab.

Safe-guy always thinks about working safely. On the other hand, TheBadGuy never considers safety. Not only is he at risk of having an accident but so are those who work near him. They could have an accident because of his reckless behavior.

Please remember: it's your responsibility to put safety first.

# Always listen carefully to the teacher and follow instructions.

  1. Do not run in the workshop, you could ‘bump’ into another pupil and cause an accident.
  2. Know where the emergency stop buttons are positioned in the workshop. If you see an accident at the other side of the workshop you can use the emergency stop button to turn off all electrical power to machines.
  3. Always wear an apron as it will protect your clothes and hold loose clothing such as ties in place.
  4. Wear good strong shoes. training shoes are not suitable.
  5. When attempting practical work all stools should be put away.
  6. Bags should not be brought into a workshop as people can trip over them.
  7. When learning how to use a machine, listen very carefully to all the instructions given by the teacher. Ask questions, especially if you do not fully understand.
  8. Do not use a machine if you have not been shown how to operate it safely by the teacher.
  9. Always be patient, never rush in the workshop.
  10. Always use a guard when working on a machine.
  11. Keep hands away from moving/rotating machinery.
  12. Use hand tools carefully, keeping both hands behind the cutting edge.
  13. Report any damage to machines/equipment as this could cause an accident.

Safety sign ISO7010

Please check the safety sign in the labs and use the required IPD (DPI)

List of safety sign (SVG): https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:ISO_7010_safety_signs_(vector_drawings)

Safety documentation

Safety equipment

Your supervisor will see that you receive the protective clothing and equipment required for your task. Use them as instructed and take care of them.

Safety shoes

The organization will designate which jobs and work areas require safety shoes. Under no circumstances will a member be permitted to work in sandals or open-toe shoes. Shoes should meet the UNI-EN 345

Safety goggles

The wearing of safety goggles by all lab members and volunteers is mandatory. Strict adherence to this policy can significantly reduce the risk of eye injuries Glasses should meet the UNI-EN 166

Safety gloves

Gloves should meet the UNI-EN 388

Good housekeeping

Your work location should be kept clean and orderly. Keep machines and other objects (tools, boxes, tables, etc.) out of the center of aisles. Clean up spills, drips, and leaks immediately to avoid slips and falls. Place trash in the proper receptacles. Stock shelves carefully so objects will not fall over upon contact.